Saturday, June 5, 2010

Poetry reviews? Wow!

Dennis Hayes and his wife Dinny came to the preview show in Toronto on Thursday.  (Dennis was with us for a day back in early May to help us consider the stories we were working with).  Yesterday, Dinny wrote and sent us a reflection/poem that she had written about the show.


    on the chancel steps
the players speak their text
     voices raised in doubt
       sorrow or discovery
            litany of quest
               and trial

    people's stories told
   with compassion whole
    breath for panting heart
body freed by touch and dance
             to connect
              and heal

      ancient words of faith
       insinuate their truth
     joining voices weighed
with all the freight of separate selves
               in harmony
                 with all

         broken healers meld
       embracing self and world
  with open hands and arms flung wide
           Christ is all in all
              the Body one
                 we dwell

                           Dinny Hayes

Thank you Dinny - this inspires us so much for our premiere which, we admit, we are both excited and nervous about.

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