Saturday, June 12, 2010

Roots on "The Rock"

We're in Newfoundland!

Our show last night at the Parish of the Ascension in Mount Pearl was great, despite a fire alarm going off at one point but we were really well received by the audience.

For those of us (uh, almost ALL of us?) who have never been to Newfoundland before, the HIGHLIGHT of our day was the visit to Signal Hill and a tour of the city.  Awesome!  Melissa has not stopped smiling.  Our billets are lovely and providing us with wonderful Newfoundland hospitality.

Tonight, a performance at St Mark's Church in St John's, then we will be leading part of the morning service back at Ascension tomorrow morning; performing the part of the show where we explore 1 Corinth. 12 ('the body has many members...').

Monday is a day off to be tourists, and then we leave super early on Tuesday morning to fly back to Ontario to begin the cross country tour.  We get our van on Tuesday - the home away from home vehicle that is going to take us from Montreal to Victoria!

Jenny waits, at Halifax airport

Melissa basks - on the rocks in Newfoundland

JD and the ATLANTIC 

Windy Signal Hill!

Carolyn looks out

Cast.  Ashore.  On a Rock.

Peter, JD, Jenny and Karyn make a scene.  
We are exactly one thousand six hundred and nineteen kilometres away from our show this coming Thursday - at St James the Apostle in Montreal... 
...And five thousand and thirty one kilometres from our performance on July 23 in Vancouver...

...But so far, the journey along the way is absolutely fantastic.

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