Saturday, June 19, 2010

Westward Bound!

Props? Check. Sound system? Check. Suitcases? Check. Full tank? Check. Carolyn? Check!
Okay we’re good to go!
Barring any unforeseen delays, such as, pointless traffic jams, excessive rain, or car accidents, and rushing through those few foreseen ones, including but not limited to, the diminutive size of Karyn’s bladder, we should be in Toronto by 17:00 tonight.
During our second stay in Ontario’s capital, we will be performing at St. Ansgard’s, enjoying silent meals with the Sisters of St. John the Divine, having a night out on the town, going to the beach, and going to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame! No? Anyone? *sigh*
At any rate, it will be a fun filled, if slightly busy, few days before we ship off to Sudbury on Tuesday morning continuing our westward trek. There will be some sadness as we leave the East farther and farther behind. We’ve created here, premiered here, half of us live here, and the reception we’ve had has been great! Parades, parties, penthouse suites... okay, okay, it hasn’t been quite so extravagant, but the people we’ve met here have been wonderfully kind, extremely hospitable, and lots of fun to be with. We had the most amazing time, and we thank you all profusely!
I guess what I’m trying to say, is that there’s this woman on youtube, and you should come see our Toronto show, and you should come see our Sudbury show, and hockey is awesome, and if you are receiving us out west, the bar has been set pretty high, but no pressure!

                                                           On the road again...


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