Thursday, May 27, 2010

But really, what is it ABOUT?

Under the heading of "Frequently Asked Questions"... lots of people are wondering "But, what is the play ABOUT anyway?  What is the story?"  Well, until earlier this week, that was a hard question to answer given that the process over the past three-and-a-half weeks has been to firgure out what it is about and to write it.  

But now - it's written!  We have a script in our hands that we have put together out of the stories, ideas, people, places and themes that have emerged through our work.  Here's the gist:

Roots Among the Rocks seeks to share stories from the people who make up the church in Canada.  Based on interviews with Christians from coast to coast, the show brings the Body of Christ home to itself, and asks the question: Who is Church?  Characters tell their stories around a kitchen table, friends whisper is church pews, some choose to leave and others choose to stay.  Music, poetry, dance and drama combine to explore just what it is that brings us together.  Journeying through the themes of Sunday Morning, Identity Crisis, Resilience and Grace, Confession and Absolution, and Finding Home, come hear the stories and meet the characters that make up the church we call home.

Warning: Roots Among the Rocks is a show written for the whole church.  In it, the cast confronts issues of identity, community, trust, and forgiveness.  
It does not contain: violence, swearing, nudity, smoke effects, reality TV hosts, strobe lighting, an obligatory kiss scene, or robots.  
It does contain: confession, dance, poetry, drug addiction, humour, cancer, biblical stories, St. Augustine, an irreverent tribute to Sunday morning worship, human sexuality, rocks, prayers, hopes, dreams and rap.  
We think anyone age 12 and over will enjoy it.

Our play does not have a linear plot.  It is a series of moments, connected through prayer, music and movement. There are two major components to our show: monologues, based on interviews, and scenes, based on big questions we want to ask of the church. 

(editorial aside from the producer - I saw the first full run through yesterday and, well, it's freaking awesome!  If you love church, if you hate church, if you are weary of or inspired by church...come see this play!!)

   After running through Act 3 - Notes from the Director!
Carolyn rehearses a monologue

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