Friday, May 28, 2010

what it's like to create together in community

-  Karyn Guenther
 the night of the nerf gun war
Gah what a process.  What a large task we are undertaking.  The last month or so has been very inspiring for me as a theatre artist, a member of the church, and, well, as a human, desperately trying to connect with other humans because that’s what we do.  

The most joyous occasions this month have occurred during moments of struggle and challenge, both in rehearsal and in our home.  It would not be truthful to say that we feel happy and loving towards each other all day, every day.  There are moments of frustration, anger, awkwardness, tiredness and I think what makes our company so healthy is that I see us leaning into those moments instead of shying away from them.  Because we are in a creative process almost all the time, the stuff of our lives has and is coming out and it has been most rewarding for me to be able to feel comfortable enough to share the parts of our lives that we don’t share in everyday conversation and know that I am with people who accept those parts of me and who support the struggle.  I am also very fond of our kitchen parties, which are frequent and full of laughter.  I don’t think I’ve laughed nearly as hard or as much as I have this last month.  It is good.

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