Saturday, May 29, 2010

i cannot wait to get on tour!

- Melissa Glover

rehearsing one of my monologues

It has been a busy month. It seems like just yesterday I arrived, only to be packing on this coming Tuesday evening and heading out on tour. The creation process has been very rewarding and bunches of fun. We also have a great time outside of rehearsal and I have enjoyed living with the cast, we all offer something unique and are all learning from one another. There is a great sense of community with this group, something I haven’t always felt in other theatre projects. I have learnt so much about myself as an actor and more so as a person. Everything in our show will, I believe, speak to everyone but in different ways. There have been so many funny moments I wish I could recall, also some of them may not be appropriate for a blog…we also have great guidance from Judy, Jenny, and Peter and the eight of us have created something fresh that I think will make audiences think. I cannot wait to get on tour!

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