Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ignace or Bust? 

This was a phrase that was coined early on, way back in Cronyn house. We also thought of doing the Ignace show naked and adding our inside jokes we came up with during rehearsal. We decided to forgo the nakedness and just do the show the same way we did it in Marathon and St. John’s, to name a few. 

After our wonderful Ignace show, we had dessert with some members of the audience and got to chat with them over delicious macaroons and brownies and kool-aid, which I haven’t had for years but I digress. After dessert, we were treated to an amazing homemade dinner by the ladies of Ignace. These women were so good to us and their kindness and hospitality is something I will not forget for a long time. Every city or town we go to, there are always people willing to help us in any which way, from feeding us to giving us a house to ourselves, I was unaware that kind people still existed but this tour has shown me otherwise. 

The support from everyone makes me love this process more and more each day. I also had the pleasure of meeting two younger people in Ignace and one of them was involved in every type of performing art there is and she was thrilled to meet us. We also bonded over our love of Adam Lambert and our giggles were heard throughout the church hall. I feel so blessed that we were able to do this show and young people came and saw it  and liked it. I will remember Ignace for a long time and all the fond memories I have so thank you Ignace!

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