Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rocking the house in the Central Interior of BC

Kamloops... July 20

    Sorrento .... July 21

Two back-to-back shows, both of them well attended by FABULOUS audiences who were really excited to see the play.  Hats off to Louise Peters, Melissa Green and Christopher Lind who organized these two venues and ensured that we were well-fed, well-housed and well-advertised.

Sorrento was our first outdoor show - in the Kekuli, which is a dome shaped covered space.  Fantastic! It was really fun to feel like we were doing summer theatre; being outside on a warm, sunny July night surrounded by mountains, lake and trees.   Because we were staying at the Sorrento Centre over a couple of days (thanks for your hospitality!) we had a chance to meet most of the people for whom we were performing, and it seemed the change the energy of the show, and the response of the audience.  It was like performing for a group of many many friends, rather than strangers.  After the show, the chaplain, Rev. Dan Hines commented "This was truth-telling at its best. It was a rare voice for the church; it's what we need to hear, but so seldom hear."  

We've been joined by our producer Judy and her son William for the last leg of the journey. William is rapidly learning how to be 'crew' for a travelling theatre company.

And now, the recent photos: 

A vibrant sign out on the road advertises our show in Kamloops:

Karyn and William discover the electronic drum kits at "Lee's Music" in Kamloops while Judy and Jenny get the rental of the lighting board and lights sorted out:

Jenny transforms from Director to Technical at each venue.  In these two locations, she had a lighting board to play with too!

The Kamloops show, at the cathedral:

After the show we pose for a photo with the Dean, Louise Peters:

William our budding Roadie helps do the load after the show:

Next day, setting up for the show at the Sorrento Centre:

On Tuesday morning, we joined the community for Eucharist at the Sorrento Centre in their beautiful outdoor chapel overlooking the lake.

A packed and overflowing house!  135 people saw our show in Sorrento as we rap the house down in the final number:

The Big White Van hits the road through the lower Fraser Valley, on the way to Vancouver for Friday evening's show at the Cathedral.  (We are currently travelling with the van and a rental car):

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