Sunday, July 11, 2010

Regina and Beyond

Hello There!

In Regina we stayed in a lovely home owned by a lady who wasn't there, and so we had a whole home to ourselves. The house was filled with really good books, travel magazines, and small statues of birds, and had a piano, a large television, and a beautiful, sun-lit kitchen. What more can you need?
We found we had landed ourselves in the middle of a film set, with the CBC filming a new TV series called "InSecurity" in the house right across the road. We couldn't park on our street and had to constantly tiptoe in and out of the house while the lights and cameras were rolling. We were welcomed very heartily to Regina by all sorts of people, including the bishop, who had us out to dinner not once, but twice! The space in the church was beautiful, with lots of lights and plenty of room. We had a great audience come out, as well! We met a very nice lady named Erika who complimented us on our German and wished us well for the rest of our trip.
We spent our time off roaming the streets of Regina, going to a Fringe play produced many of Melissa's acquaintances, shopping the cute boutiques along 13 Avenue, watching Serenity and FIFA soccer matches, and amusing ourselves with the TV shows Extras, The IT Crowd, and Doctor Who.
Ah, what leisure! HA!
On the road out of Regina we stopped in Craik, Saskatchewan, for their Farmer's Market. There were three vendors, one of which had sold out, and so we bought spinach and cinnamon rolls from the other two.

And off we were to Saskatoon.

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